TEALAND, comercial Brand from Cafes Eguia, has its origin in a small coffee roaster founded in Tolosa(Spain) in 1896. In 1936 We moved to Dato Street in the Down Town of Vitoria. Along this years, this small Coffee bussines has been innovating and introducing new products and since 1992 has been specialiced in Whole Leaf Teas, controling the import, the blend and the packing of all kind of Teas, Herbal Teas and Fruit Teas.

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Under the Brand TEALAND, we have different packagins for Tea Shops, Horeca Market and for Supermarkets.

Nowadays in Vitoria (Spain), in our Factory we control the quality of all our ingredients, and design our Blends, giving to all of them our special Taste that is having a great success.

We our own machinery to mix, flavour, pack Teas in different shapes like bags and Pyramid Tea Bags.

Quality, flexibility and direct dealing with our customers and suppliers are our hallmarks.

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